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Mobile Style Guide

I’ve just completed a mobile style guide to support our product team and further define our brand’s look and feel. This builds on my previous style guide that included desktop, responsive web and mobile.

Following considerable back end improvements our mobile team where implementing I was able to review several components for our app. This gave me a great opportunity to review the UX of our core functionality, we were also able to update our UI styling to a more contemporary look and feel.

Our mobile specific components were originally contained in one page of our divison’s style guide. The app design review highlighted the common components for our app and desktop and the need for a dedicated mobile style guide has been realised. This gives us much more space to provide guidance, examples and use cases for our mobile optimised components.

The new mobile style guide now includes comprehensive details of our mobile components. This style guide also builds towards a future design system that we can build at a later date.

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Latest Website: Sujo Remi

Sujo Remi - WordPress WebsiteI’ve just launched the latest website design and development project for Sujo Remi. It was really great working with such a creative artist duo. Sujo Remi are Brighton based artists working in mixed media and installation art.

This WordPress build will allow the Sujo Remi website to be expanded on in the future and be a good flexible platform to show case Sujo’s creative talent.

Take a look and visit Sujo Remi here and also my website portfolio over at Adur Design for more completed WordPress web design and development projects by me.

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Happy 2014!

Happy new year to you all, I hope that 2014 will bring you a lot of creativity and fun!

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Replacement Fonts

Looking at replacement fonts for a recent website refresh, its great the way that this technology has been embraced and welcomed by the industry. Also good to see that long gone are the days of being limited to only three ‘web friendly’ fonts!

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is becoming increasingly important with the amount of users accessing websites and online services with mobile and tablet devices.

So there is an increasing requirement for websites that use content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress that have modern, responsive themes designed and built for responsive use. I’ve reviewed some themes that are responsive and I’ve edited some good responsive themes for a recent website build.

All of which went well and looks good online. I’m now working on a new theme for another web design for a client which builds on this responsive design research and theme features that I’ve developed.

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Website Scope

I’m working on another website scope, there is always a lot to consider when doing the very early stages of a web project to ensure that the best online solution is created for my client. My approach is quite methodical and I always ask a lot of questions! But this is part of the process in finding out the project requirements which will stand in good stead oncce the project is in progress and the website launched.

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Processing js

I’m trying out a Processing js plugin, I’m going to use this in a small project to use live data which will make a data visualisation on this site.

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Data is Beautiful

I love these data visualisations on this website, especially with a space theme!

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Tears in Darkness

Looking at processing for some online javascript experiementation, heres an example of the aptly named Tears in Darkness thats not as grim as it seems. Its a good example of online digital art.