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I’ve recently traded my Honda nc750x for a near new BMW, its my first German built bike for some time and I really like the feel of my new GS.

Motorbikes are freedom machines and for me they just make sense. Just some of the benefits are they’re cheap to run, parking is free (in the UK) for the most part. Some inner city areas do charge but they’re rare at the moment and the parking fees are much less than a car. You also don’t have to queue with other vehicles in heavy traffic, most of all they’re fun!

Yes bikers are exposed to the weather and the elements but there is something about being out in the open air and being at one with the landscape that you’re travelling through. Ted Simon, the author of the biker’s travelogue classic Jupiter’s Travels explains at length the feeling of being at one with your environment when you travel by bike. There is definitely something in this, along with the sense of adventure. Simon traveled around the world over four years on a 500cc Triumph tiger back in the 1970s.

If you don’t ride bikes already you’ll need training and also pass a bike test to get a full bike license. If you already ride then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Its past mid winter at the moment and winter always turns to spring with sunny days and warmer weather approaching. So I hope that you enjoy your travels this year as I’m certainly going to be exploring on my motorbike a bit more this year!

Happy travels!!



I’ve always walked and seen the value in walking in general, just moving through a landscape at walking pace is something theraputic and a good feeling in itself.

I recently read “A Philosophy of Walking” which goes into the process in depth, interesting to read how great thinkers have used walking to hone their ideas. The health benefits are a real plus especially with the current lockdown isolation world that we find ourselves in.

If you don’t walk I’d encourage you to get your boots or shoes on and get out there, having a dog helps but its not an essential walking aid.

Whatever you do or wherever you go enjoy!



It’s been hot with little rain but we’ve also been in strange times due to lockdown and a global pandemic.

I hope that what ever you do or where ever you are you are managing to be creative and to take time for yourself and those around you.

The time will come when the new normal is hopefully back to something we know and love. Until then stay safe and look after yourself.


Corona Virus

These are strange and difficult times that we haven’t experienced before. It can be hard to stay positive as the UK joins most of Europe with a lock down.

I can only say stay safe and do what you can for your friends and family to keep their spirits up in these social isolation days.

I wish you all the best and I look forward to happier times when a world is something like back to normal.

Stay safe and well.

Art Creative


Spring is coming! Time to get creative as the days grow longer and nature springs back into life!

I will be walking and inspiring myself with a fresh look at the year, I hope that you will have an inspiring and creative year whatever you may be creating!

Creative Design Poems

Dark Nights of Poetry at Year’s End

As the year draws to a close I’m reading more poetry and taking the chance to review what I’ve read this year.

TS Eliot’s Four Quartets has been my go to poem of the year, I was reading it over summer, I really like the abstraction of this work. If you don’t know it look it up, there’s also a great rendition of Eliot’s work read by Sir Alec Guiness.

I hope and aim to be even more creative in the new year and poetry is going to be a part of that.

Both reading and writing.

Design Digital UX UX Design

UX Brighton

I attended UX Brighton last week, a conference which focuses on UX (User Experience), it was inspiring with a good mix of speaker. This year the theme was design which I particularly enjoyed as I’ve worked in this field for many years.

The conferenece was well organised and has info packed talks form a range of industry professionals, the talks were kept to a shorter length which I found refreshing.

UX Brighton was held at the Dome in Brighton, Sussex, UK which is a great venue and handy for me as I live near and work in the city.

I would recommend attending this conference if you’re interested in UX and are able to go. The talks are soon to be available on the UXBri website if you want to get a flavour of what happened on the day or get a feel for the conference.

Art Creative Design Poems

Being Creative

Being creative is a challenge! Just remaining motivated on a daily basis in its self can be tough.

I’ve been inspired by writing poetry and song writing recently which is a great outlet for my creativity. My design work is mainly visual and working on creative writing on a daily basis is a very complimentary exercise.

I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of creating something from a blank page, or digital screen. For some that would be a situation they would never chose to be in but not for me.

So if your a creative reading this please be inspired and I can really recommend using different creative techniques to enhance your creative practice.

Art Creative Photography Video


It’s been a great summer so far, I hope that you are enjoying it! I’ve been busy creating video and capturing images whilst on my travels. I now have the use of a campervan which makes for a brilliant base for exploring, I’ll be uploading more work when the production phase is completed.

Until then, have fun in the sun!

Creative Photography


Looking forward to a spring and summer of photography and creativeness! Been looking at a few really good travel and photo blogs which have inspired me to get out there.

I’ll be reworking my gallery on this site and will post up some more recent work so watch this space!!

Ant Tyler