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Latest Website: Sujo Remi

I’ve just launched the latest website design and development project for Sujo Remi. It was really great working with such a creative artist duo. Sujo Remi are Brighton based artists working in mixed media and installation art. This WordPress build will allow the Sujo Remi website to be expanded on in the future and be […]

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Replacement Fonts

Looking at replacement fonts for a recent website refresh, its great the way that this technology has been embraced and welcomed by the industry. Also good to see that long gone are the days of being limited to only three ‘web friendly’ fonts!

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is becoming increasingly important with the amount of users accessing websites and online services with mobile and tablet devices. So there is an increasing requirement for websites that use content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress that have modern, responsive themes designed and built for responsive use. I’ve reviewed some themes that […]

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Processing js

I’m trying out a┬áProcessing js plugin, I’m going to use this in a small project to use live data which will make a data visualisation on this site.

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New theme development

Trying out a new theme for this development, its Parament by Automatic, I’ve used a couple of their themes before on prevoius developments and they are pretty robust.