UX Design

I work to improve the interaction that takes place with an established or target audience by refining digital products based on user data and research.

Research and user intelligence on audience interaction is key to how successful a digital product is and also can give insights on how user interaction can be improved.

The Audience
Understanding and identifying your audience can help you and your team focus on succesful user engagement.

New features and existing digital products can be tested with the target audience to guage and explore aspects of user experience and interaction. This can help understand how your digital products perform in the real world.

The User Journey
I create user journeys to enable the target audience find what they need quickly and easily to give a satisfying user intera tion and a smooth user experience. This will ensure that users come back to the refined digital product for more and spread the word about a positive service.

I start the process with target audience research which develops into user requirements and goals, wire frames plan the user journey and develop the user journey. Red routes and pain points are identified and the design progresses to a prototype with an iterative design process.

Once stakeholder sign off is achieved the prototype is then user tested with candidates that represent the target audience. The resulting user research is fed back to the design project team to influence the digital product before production starts.

UX Design Projects
I can carry out bespoke UX design projects to match business requirements which include the below key features:

  • Initial UX evaluation and consultation
  • User focused target audience identification
  • Requirements gathering and generation
  • Target audience profiles and user persona creation
  • Discovery of digital solutions to reach requirements
  • User journeys, user goals and task flow creation
  • User testing sessions and feedback
  • Multi device responsive testing with feedback
  • Usability testing and assessment to AA WCAG compliance
  • Feedback on accessible information, products and services
  • Increased product conversion rates
Ennerdale, Cumbria
Ennerdale, Cumbria by Ant Tyler

A Little About UXD
User experience design (UX, UXD or XD) focuses on the process of enhancing your user’s satisfaction with your website or online product. This process involves improving the usability and accessibility of your digital product, website or app.

Good UX design will help encourage and build trust with users which then encourages them to stay with you and helps to build brand loyalty creating a lasting, positive impression and experience by supporting existing and future customers.

Help your audience by providing accessible and usable information and products, find out more about my UX skills and experience, visit my contact page to get in touch.