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UX Brighton

I attended UX Brighton last week, a conference which focuses on UX (User Experience), it was inspiring with a good mix of speaker. This year the theme was design which I particularly enjoyed as I’ve worked in this field for many years.

The conferenece was well organised and has info packed talks form a range of industry professionals, the talks were kept to a shorter length which I found refreshing.

UX Brighton was held at the Dome in Brighton, Sussex, UK which is a great venue and handy for me as I live near and work in the city.

I would recommend attending this conference if you’re interested in UX and are able to go. The talks are soon to be available on the UXBri website if you want to get a flavour of what happened on the day or get a feel for the conference.

Art Digital Video

Alberic’s Scrapbook Revisited

I’m looking at some of the footage from my Alberic’s Scrapbook video project that I created some months ago. It was a collection of video, dance and music influenced by myths, the nature of water, the changeable nature of life and the ghost stories of M R James.

There is a mix for you!

A lot of the filming was completed around the south coast of England and this area is great for this type of work. I’m probably going to start another video project that is a follow up to Alberic’s Scrapbook as I really enjoyed creating it!!

Art Creative Digital Exhibition Video

Sequenced Art Show Opens

The Sequenced Art Show opened last night with our private view, it was a good turn out with lots of friends attending and a good time was had by all! My Alberic’s Scrapbook video looked great on the screen!

The show came together really well in the end and its a nice mix of digital art work. The exhibition runs until the 12th March to view the work in the gallery at the Brighton Media Centre in Middle St, Brighton.

Its free and in central Brighton so go and see it if your around.

Dance Video by Ant Tyler
Dance Video by Ant Tyler

Art Creative Digital Exhibition Video

Latest Sequenced Show

The Sequenced digital artists group are showing again, we have another mixed media show at the Brighton Media Centre which opens on the 14th Feb and runs to the 13th March.

Its going to be quite a mix of work, I’m showing some video work including my latest poem video ‘Minister for Exams’ shot on the rainy Sussex streets. Follow us on twitter

Art Digital Exhibition Video

Video Shoot

The rain finally stopped and we were able to shoot an hour of footage this morning on the streets of Lancing, West Sussex. It was great to finally get this project moving especially when I already have the poem voice over recorded by my friend.

I’m starting to edit this over the weekend and I’ve got a good feeling that it will come together nicely. The final poem video will go up on vimeo over the next few weeks and I’ll post a link on this website.

A collection of my short videos, including this one, will be showing at the Brighton Media Centre during February and March as part of a digital media arts show. More details later…

Creative Digital Video

Audio Edits

I’m revisiting a video piece that I created a while ago. The sound needs a re-work so I’m exporting the files from Premier to Adobe Audition to clean the sound up a bit.

Sound is a commonly overlooked part of the video production process and investing in some good quality sound capturing equipment is something that is worth doing.

I’ll post up the link on here once I have uploaded the finished video.

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10,000 Cents

I saw this a while ago but it has stayed with me as a fantastic example of online digital art. Each participant was given an unrelated rectangle in which they would copy a fragment of the whole art work using a simple custom built paint app.

They all came together to produce this: 10,000 Cents

I love the concept, its good stuff!

Art Digital Exhibition

Filming Again

My next video project is under way, I’m working towards a mixed media digital art exhibition which is going to be held in Brighton early next year. My ideas are coming together with story boards for a series of short films, I’m braving the stormy weather that we are experiencing on the south coast of England to scout some locations that I’ll be using for the shoots. I’ll post up further news soon…

Creative Digital

Tears in Darkness

I’ve been re-visiting some online processing sites that I found a while back. This is a good example of some online interactivity using javascript experimentation with this example being aptly named Tears in Darkness.

It’s not as grim as it sounds! Check it out as its a good example of online digital art.

Art Digital Exhibition

Sequenced at Reasonsto…

The Sequenced Artists had a very smooth setup yesterday and our show is now running at the Reasons to be Creative conference in Brighton. Its a great collection of work and well worth a visit!