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Happy New Year – with a kiss…

Happy New Year and I hope that 2015 is a creative one for you all!

I’m still on my poem/video project and I’ve been reading more WW1/WW2 poems over the xmas break. Its quite challenging to get suitable imagery for these works but I have a few ideas that I’m working on.

One poem that I’d really like to produce a video for is “The Kiss” by Siegfried Sassoon, this is pretty strong stuff, as is most WW1 poetry. Very moody indeed.

It’s an absolute classic and I hope to be filming this one soon!

Creative Music

Music with Pat

I’m currently working on a music project with creative force that is Pat Turner Lee. We’re getting a set together for a new and experimental music project.

We’re also creating some backing music for a spoken word artist which we’re playing live with at a gig in Brighton in December. I’m playing bass guitar on this music, its great to play such a fine instrument again after so many years.

Art Digital Video

Alberic’s Scrapbook Revisited

I’m looking at some of the footage from my Alberic’s Scrapbook video project that I created some months ago. It was a collection of video, dance and music influenced by myths, the nature of water, the changeable nature of life and the ghost stories of M R James.

There is a mix for you!

A lot of the filming was completed around the south coast of England and this area is great for this type of work. I’m probably going to start another video project that is a follow up to Alberic’s Scrapbook as I really enjoyed creating it!!

Art Exhibition Photography

Brighton Photo Biennial

I’ve been visiting the exhibitions and talks in the Brighton Photo Biennial there is a lot of inspiring work and images on display. There is also an inspiring and impressive list of events to attend.

Also attended a great workshop run by Annis Joslin on Space to Collaborate which was working with photography and collaboration in the classroom using rapid, responsive image capture techniques. There were some very interesting method for image detail focus and response to words/images.

Art Creative Music Video

Music and Video

I’ve just started playing bass guitar again after many years of not playing or being involved with bands and music projects. Its good to be out there playing again after so long…

One of my latest music projects is a collaboration with Pat Turner-Lee who is a totally creative force in his own right.

We’re putting together a music/art installation project which will have video projection as we play live in a totally transformed environment.

I’ll update on progress here, it feels good to create with music again.

Creative Video

Weather and Video

Just a quick word on the conditions we are having this summer on the south coast of England. The hot summer is producing some very interesting light for video.

We have experienced bright sun and very warm conditions to dark moody clouds with lightening storms. If you haven’t been out with your camera yet now is a good time as its far from flat grey light out there…

Good luck and get creative!

Creative Video


I heard this poem on the radio this morning, it was written at the same time of year and as I write the summer sun is streaming through the window:

Adlestrop by Edward Thomas

It really evokes the scene of an unwanted train halt on a mid summer’s day. Apparently he was on his way to visit fellow poet Robert Frost, it’s particularly moving as Thomas died at the battle of Arras in 1917.

I adapted one of Frost’s poems for my Alberic’s Scrapbook video project:

Acquainted with the Night

I like the feel of Thomas’s Adlestrop poem and I’d like to include it in my current poem video project.

Art Creative Video

New Poem Videos

I’m working on the story boards for my latest video poem project, I’ve selected three further poems to create short video pieces with.

They’re quite a contrast being written by Ted Hughes, Dylan Thomas and Rudyard Kipling! But its more about the mood of the individual videos and they won’t need to relate to each other.

I’ll post up more on here once I have the shoots under way.

Art Design Web design Web development Website projects WordPress

Latest Website: Sujo Remi

Sujo Remi - WordPress WebsiteI’ve just launched the latest website design and development project for Sujo Remi. It was really great working with such a creative artist duo. Sujo Remi are Brighton based artists working in mixed media and installation art.

This WordPress build will allow the Sujo Remi website to be expanded on in the future and be a good flexible platform to show case Sujo’s creative talent.

Take a look and visit Sujo Remi here and also my website portfolio over at Adur Design for more completed WordPress web design and development projects by me.

Art Creative Video

New Video Locations

I’m looking at some more locations to continue my latest video project. I’ve seen some interesting locations including a large derelict factory to shoot some video in. This will be for a continuation of my series of poems to video which result in short adaptations featuring actors which depict the poem.

I’m also very keen to shoot more M R James ghost stories similar to my Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook video which I completed last year. Here is latest poem video which featured in the Sequenced Art Show and was film on the rainy streets (last month) of Sussex.

The Minister for Exams from Ant Tyler on Vimeo.