Creative Music

Music with Pat

I’m currently working on a music project with creative force that is Pat Turner Lee. We’re getting a set together for a new and experimental music project.

We’re also creating some backing music for a spoken word artist which we’re playing live with at a gig in Brighton in December. I’m playing bass guitar on this music, its great to play such a fine instrument again after so many years.

Art Creative Music Video

Music and Video

I’ve just started playing bass guitar again after many years of not playing or being involved with bands and music projects. Its good to be out there playing again after so long…

One of my latest music projects is a collaboration with Pat Turner-Lee who is a totally creative force in his own right.

We’re putting together a music/art installation project which will have video projection as we play live in a totally transformed environment.

I’ll update on progress here, it feels good to create with music again.