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Latest Sequenced Show

The Sequenced digital artists group are showing again, we have another mixed media show at the Brighton Media Centre which opens on the 14th Feb and runs to the 13th March.

Its going to be quite a mix of work, I’m showing some video work including my latest poem video ‘Minister for Exams’ shot on the rainy Sussex streets. Follow us on twitter

Art Creative Video

Video Edits

Just working on one of the video pieces for the show which opens in a couple of weeks, I love working through the footage and pulling the piece together.

Its also a very creative process and working with the poem voice over sound track makes me look at the footage in a different way.

I’ll upload to vimeo when I have an edit and post the link on this website.

Art Digital Exhibition Video

Video Shoot

The rain finally stopped and we were able to shoot an hour of footage this morning on the streets of Lancing, West Sussex. It was great to finally get this project moving especially when I already have the poem voice over recorded by my friend.

I’m starting to edit this over the weekend and I’ve got a good feeling that it will come together nicely. The final poem video will go up on vimeo over the next few weeks and I’ll post a link on this website.

A collection of my short videos, including this one, will be showing at the Brighton Media Centre during February and March as part of a digital media arts show. More details later…

Art Creative Video

Raining Again

Damn, raining again, I’ve been trying to shoot some video with a street cleaner for my latest video project. The only trouble is that its been raining in the early morning most days I can shoot.

I really want early morning light for this one so hopefully we can shoot this piece and get this part of my video project moving!

Creative Digital Video

Audio Edits

I’m revisiting a video piece that I created a while ago. The sound needs a re-work so I’m exporting the files from Premier to Adobe Audition to clean the sound up a bit.

Sound is a commonly overlooked part of the video production process and investing in some good quality sound capturing equipment is something that is worth doing.

I’ll post up the link on here once I have uploaded the finished video.

Art Video

Poetry Exploration

My video poetry project is progressing further, I’m in the middle of a poetry exploration and I’m reading lots of verse to pick the best poems to film. I’m rediscovering old favourites and finding some real gems through this journey. I’ve settled on a great poem by Brian Patten which is going into the mix for the project.

Santa bought me some poetry books which have helped my search and I’m now quite close to making my final choice. I’ll post up more details soon…

Creative Video


Had a good chat with a poet friend of mine, I’ve decided to have a go at writing some poetry myself, something that I haven’t done for years. I’ve been inspired by reading poetry for my latest video project where I’m putting some verse to film.

Art Creative Video

Poetry Project

I’m working on my latest video project where I’m going to adapt various poems by creating short features. I’ve been reading a wide range of poems to get a feel for what I’m after and I’ve been discovering some old favourites from a while back. It’s a very interesting and creative process.

I’ll post up more on this website when I have worked on my ideas and start the story boards, I also need a working title…

Art Creative Video

Poetry and Video

There is a long tradition of poetry being set to film and for my next video art project I’m developing a series of short films to illustrate poems. This is an idea that I’ve been wanting to do for some time and I’m very pleased to be making a start on this!

Here is a poetry video that I created for my Alberic’s Scrapbook video installation – enjoy!

Creative Digital Exhibition Video

Alberic’s Scrapbook – in 2 minutes!

Work progesses on a very very shortened version of Alberic’s Scrapbook, my video piece that featured in the Sequenced13 show.

This is a 2 minute version for the show reel at the Reasonto conference. The original piece is 25 minutes long so I have my work cut out!! I have a shorter version already online which features dance and water here: Alberic’s Scrapbook.

It’s going to be a challenge to compress this video further but I know that it will work… I’ll post up on here once I have the finished video.