Web Design

I’ve worked as an in-house web designer for some years which lead to being a full-time freelance web designer follwing completing my MA in Digital Media Arts. I founded and ran Adur Design (2014-2017) where I designed and built websites in WordPress for small business owners and SMEs.

I offered a complete service where I designed, built, managed, maintained and supported clients with their websites working on both front and back end with hand coded html, css and sass.

I’ve always enjoyed combining my creative and technical skills to produce visually strong websites and apps with impact and my freelance work was great industry experience.

I stepped away from freelancing and I now focus on UI/UX design and design management working with larger digital product teams. I now work with close collaboration along side stakeholders, product owners, developers, testers and designers to produce fine digital products.

Adur Design Portfolio
Below are some of the websites I designed and built in WordPress during my years as a freelance web designer. They’re dated now but they give you an idea of the look and feel I produced from scratch at that time.

Bridget Thornborrow Yoga
Bridget Thornborrow, Yoga Teacher

Bridget Thornborrow Yoga

Sujo Remi, Brighton
Sujo Remi, Brighton based artists

Sujo Remi

London Yoga Teacher Training Group
London Yoga Teacher Training Group (LYTTG)


Nowinski Chiropractic
Jacob Nowinski, Chiropractor

Nowinski Chiropractic